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Sunday, October 28, 2018

What is the best diet Plan to control diabetes?

Best diet Plan to Control Diabetes

Hello friends, as we know that diabetes is a one of the biggest problems in world and increasind day by day. Today we are going to tell about the best diet plan to control diabetes.Please read the full article for full knowledge about best diet plan to control diabetes.

Best diet plan to Control diabetes

Diabetes occurs once and stays for lifetyme. It requires a regular routine and nutritional diet to control it. The reason for diabetes is unhealthy eating habits, mental stress, bieng overwieght, lack of physical activities etc. Due to which diabetes patients are increasing day by day. It is very important to have a healthy diet plan to control diabetes. Decrease in secretion of insulin hormone leads to diabetes. Diabetes can be caused by many reasons. Diabetes is a disease in which a person has to live with extreme abstinence and should have a proper diet plan. If diabetics do not follow their routine then it can grow day by day. Diabetic patients may have problems with eye and kidney disease, numbness.

The importance of diet and diet plan is as much as the importance of medicines and exercise to control diabetes. It is believed that patients with diabetes can not live normal routine so they should take strict diet.

Let me tell you that the cause of diabetes is the secretion of hormones called insulin. In other reasons for this you are also due to excessive stress, weight or age, as well as genetic causes. It is a disease in which maximum avoidance protects you. If you made a mistake in abstinence or did not follow a necessary routine, then you may have to face more trouble in the same proportion. In this case, it is absolutely necessary for you to follow a certain diet chart.

Best Diet Plan for to Control diabetes

Sugar disease is such that if it happens to you once, it remains with you throughout the ages. You can control it by taking more and more restraint. And to do this, you will need to follow a certain routine and take a nutritional diet. You have to be suffering from diabetes because of obesity, excessive stress, unhealthy eating habits and non-exercise. So if you want to deal with it, then you have to make them regular. Due to not doing so, the number of people affected by this disease is increasing rapidly. For those who have blood sugar, balanced and regular food is extremely important. Apart from this, you can reduce your insulin dosage as well as control your diabetes by following the favorable diet chart.
If you are a victim of it then you should be taken from carbohydrate, fats and proteins, 40%, 40% and 20% of food items, respectively, in the total diet taken daily. But for those who are obese, 60 percent of total calories should be taken from carbohydrates, 20 percent fat and 20 percent protein.

Here is the best diet plan to control diabetes 

• At 6 o'clock - Drink half a teaspoon of fenugreek powder in a glass of water.

• At 7 a.m. - One cup of sugar free tea, along with 1-2 light-sugary biscuits can take.

• Breakfast / Breakfast - With half a bowl sprouted grains and a glass of milk without cream.

• After 10 a.m. - A small fruit or lemonade.

• Lunch at 1am - That is, 2 tablespoons of flour, one bowl of rice, one bowl of lentils, one bowl of curd, half bowl of soya or cottage cheese, half a bowl of green curry and a plate salad together.

• 4 PM -  A cup of tea and non-sugar biscuits with sugar or sugar free

• Or toast or 1 apple.

• 6 pm - Drink a cup of soup

• Dinner - Two loaves, one bowl of rice (2 times in brown rice) and one bowl of lentils, half bowl of green curry and a plate salad.

• Drink a glass of sugar without sugar and sugar. Doing so suddenly does not threaten to reduce the amount of sugar in the night.

• A special guide should prevent patients from diabetes to fast. Apart from this, there should not be a long gaps between meals and light meal should be done at night dinner. Apart from this, blood sugar is also controlled by regular yoga and exercise.

• Follow this diet chart daily and use one of the things mentioned above.

• Taking a grated fenugreek, one or a half spoon is taken in the sugar control by taking 15-20 minutes before eating it, and many other components benefit from it.

• Bring bread flour in uncut grounds, if desired, add soybean to enhance its quality.

• Minimum use of ghee and oil throughout the day.

• Cook all vegetables in nonstick cookware using at least oil. Eat more than green leafy vegetables.

• Sugar patient should walk well about 1 hour before eating food, as well as exercise and yoga. Keep taking insulin and medicines at the right time. Regularly check with the doctor.

• With this, the sugar patients should take good amounts of protein and high quality. For this, more of the milk, curd, cheese, egg, fish, soyabean etc. should be consumed. Diabetic people taking tablets and taking insulin should take the healthy food at the right time. If they don't then there can be hypoglycemia. Due to this, weakness, excessive appetite, sweating, blurred vision, or double appearance, heartbeat, shock and severe situation may also have to face adversity like going into coma.

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• The diabetic person should not consume any sweet things such as glucose, sugar, chocolate, sweet biscuit with you. If symptoms of hypoglycemia appear, they should be consumed immediately. A normal diabetic person should keep in mind that they may be eating some thing at regular intervals. Eat something at regular interval of two hours. Do not eat a much food at one time.

• Diabetes sufferers should use double toned milk regularly. Along with that also keep in mind that calories in your food items The quantity should be at least the same. For this, you should use plenty of roasted gram, spinach, wheat or coriander etc. with sprouted grains, soup and salads etc. Explain that the use of curd or buttermilk reduces the amount of glucose.

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