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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Cancer : Types,Symptoms,Causes and treatment

Cancer is a group of diseases related to abnormal cell growth, there is the possibility of it being lost in other parts of the body after cancer, but this does not happen with the newly formed tumor because the tumor does not spread in other parts of the body; Through this article, you are going to give complete information about cancer. In this article, you will know what the cancer is and what kind of symptoms the cancer is showing. What are the types of cancer and how are cancer diagnosed and how are the measures to prevent cancer? Answer to all these questions you will get in this article. Let's know what is cancer.

Cancer written watching through magnifying glass

Approximately 90.5 million people had cancer in 2015, approximately 14.1 million new cases come to cancer every year, out of which 8.8 million people die, it is very important to get awareness about cancer so that it can be detected only at the primary stage of cancer. Here proper treatment can be done.

Due to the use of tobacco, about 22 percent of cancer deaths cause cancer, while 10% of cancer obesity is due to poor diet and lack of physical activity and excessive drinking. Other factors of cancer include some infections such as radiation and environmental pollution. In developing countries, approximately 20% of cancer is due to hepatitis B hepatitis C and human papillomavirus infection.

This factor works partly to generate cancer by changing the genes of the cell. In order for cancer to develop, usually many genetic changes are required approximately 5 to 10% of cancer can be inherited from inherited genetic defects The cancer may be detected by some symptoms or through screening tests due to cancer, thus cancer is detected by medical imaging and This is confirmed by biopsy

What is Cancer?
Cancer is a large group of diseases in which there is the ability to invade or spread to other parts of the body. The main reason for the cancer is the abnormal growth of cells that constitute a subset of cancer neoplasms.

Neoplasm is a group of tumor cells that are developing irregularly, which often appears as a lump.

Symptoms of Cancer 
When cancer begins, it does not exhibit any symptoms. Cancer symptoms relate to the type and location of the cancer. Some symptoms are specific. There are also many people who have had common symptoms of cancer but they have other diseases. is

Cancer is known as a hidden disease, thus many people know the cancer when they check for any other disease and their symptoms match the symptoms of cancer.

After diagnosis of cancer, most people become depressed and worried about the risk of suicides in cancer patients almost double

Major symptoms of Cancer
The most common symptom of cancer is the formation of a tumor
Cough or pneumonia can occur in lung cancer
Cholesterol cancer produces intestinal contraction or obstruction and also affects the activity of the intestine.
Breast cancer may produce lumps on the breast
When urinating, bleeding in the blood can lead to bleeding in anemia or anal
Early inflammation in cancer is usually painless, some cancers and chest stomach can form fluid within the stomach.
Apart from this, there are some common symptoms are -
Sudden weight loss
Excessive fatigue and skin changes
Liver and kidney related diseases
Leukemia, which leads to cancer of the blood, can cause fever

Types of Cancer 
More than 100 types of cancer are found here, we are going to tell you about the types of cancer.

Uterine cancer
If there is any type of wound in the uterus during marriage, more childbirth, infection during infection, pregnancy before delivery, and the pregnancy occurs before it is cured, then the uterus has a risk of developing cancer. It is the symptoms of bleeding after menopause, and having a bad breath, having pain in the feet and waist.

Blood cancer
If the rays from the X-ray and radiation system enter the body then they affect the bones, thereby affecting blood cells in them. In blood cancer, the body's swine blood circulation causes uncontrolled growth, blood clots from the mouth, pain in joints and bones, persistent fever for many days, diarrhea, increase in the size of the spleen and lymph glands, breathing in the breathing Problems are its main symptoms.

Throat cancer
Tobacco intake is the main cause of oral and throat cancer. No lump, mouth or bile within the mouth, white stains in mouth, dribbling drip, stinking, opening mouth, difficulty speaking and swallowing its symptoms are there.

Lung cancer
Lightening is the symptom of continuous coughing, bleeding with cough, changes in voice, difficulty in breathing.

Gastric cancer 
Pain in the stomach, poor appetite, sometimes blood vomiting, lack of blood. Thinning diarrhea, it is the main symptom of getting blood only during defecation, lack of defecation due to lump in the intestines.

Cervical cancer
After it spreads, it produces blood-stuff or mild vaginal discharge that is seen after sexual intercourse or abnormal bleeding. Early stages of cervical cancer cause pain, loss of appetite, loss of weight and anemia.

Brain cancer
Brain cancer has a lump in the brain or spinal cord, due to which there is dizziness, vomiting, forgetting, and difficulty breathing are the main symptoms.

Causes of Cancer 
Most cancers are produced by environment, lifestyle and behavior, the environment is considered to be the main cause of cancer, because the body and environment are interconnected, but along with the environment, life style, economic and behavioral causes also involve the causes of cancer

For cancer reasons, 25 to 30% of tobacco consumption, 30 to 35% of obesity, 15% to 20% of radiation from infection, 10% of radiation and other physical activity are caused by pollution and some other environmental pollution.

It is almost impossible to prove what is the cause of cancer in a person because most cancers have many possible causes. For example, if a person uses tobacco, then the risk of lung cancer is higher in that it means tobacco Lung cancer is due to use, but it is not necessary that the person who does not consume tobacco is not cancer, because air pollution or As a result of recurrence, everyone's lungs get a small chance to develop cancer

Cancer has also been found to be associated with aging. Cancer is considered as a risk to old age. Cancer's development involves many molecular and cellular changes, so it is very likely that this change is deposited during the aging process. As the aging progresses, the symptoms of cancer begin to appear more.

There are also some main factors that can be the risk of cancer. These factors are:
Weight gain or obesity
No more physical activity
Consumption of alcohol and narcotics in excess.
Non-nutritional supplements in cancer
Do not include exercise in your daily routine.
More than 30% of cancers that arise from any risk factors can be reduced, the most important of which is to prevent the use of tobacco which is the cause of about 20% of cancer deaths.

Apart from this, 10% of the causes of cancer cause obesity unbalanced diet due to lack of physical activity and alcohol consumption.

Transition in other factors is caused due to the risk of irradiation radiation and environmental pollution.

Approximately 20% of the developing countries are caused by infections such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C and human papillomavirus.

And finally about 5 to 10 percent of cancers can be due to genetic defects inherited from a person's parents.

Diagnosis of cancer 
Most cancers are initially recognized through either visible or screening or screening. None of these are leading to a definitive diagnosis, for which a pathologist needs to check the tissue sample. People with suspected cancer usually include blood tests, X-rays, CT scan and endoscopy in the examination of medical tests.

Diagnosis of tissue from biopsy reveals how the cell outbreak is increasing, which includes histology, genetic abnormalities and other characteristics. Together, this information is useful for evaluating forecasts and choosing the best treatment.

Cytogenetics and immunohistochemistry are other types of tissue tests, these tests provide information about molecular changes (such as mutations, fusion genes and numerical chromosomal changes) and thus can diagnose disease and best treatment.

Cancer Treatment
Cancer treatment must first be identified by cancer. Cancer experts recognize that a doctor who specializes in the treatment of cancer is called an oncologist.

Firstly surgery is used to treat cancer

Radiation therapy is supported in another way

And in the third way the treatments related to chemotherapy are done differently for each particular patient.

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Home remedies for cancer treatment 
There are some home remedies that can be used alternatively with the treatment of cancer, in which food is called as broccoli, grapefruit, soybean, green tea, aloe vera and acupuncture, vitamin supplements are included That their use reduces the risk of cancer

Almost every doctor shows that a balanced diet that is capable of providing good nutrition helps in fighting canceris

Although all of these may help to reduce some of the symptoms of cancer, but there is no proven evidence of what type of cancer they help in treating

That's why cancer patients must discuss with a cancer doctor before consuming the above mentioned diet

The risk of cancer can be reduced by adopting proper diet and increasing your physical exercise, as we have previously mentioned that obesity causes approximately 30 to 35% of cancer deaths, so you can get yourself cancer by taking proper exercise. Can keep away from

Cancer prevention methods 
Most people have a question that whether it is possible to stop cancer, most experts believe that many types of cancers can be prevented or that the risks of developing cancer can be reduced. Simple methods are available on which you can reduce the risk of cancer and avoid it

The best way to prevent cancer is to know the causes of cancer and avoid them.

First of all, smoking is known as the main cause of the main causes of smoking cancer, so you can quit smoking to avoid cancer.

In addition to avoiding excess sunlight, you can use sunscreen to reduce the risk of UV rays.

Along with this, some chemical substances are also known to reduce cancer.

Among other causes of cancer, people who have the greatest risk of developing cancer are those who are working chemically, X-ray technicians, ionizing disorders, researchers and asbestos workers, such people are more likely to work in this type of environment. Care should be taken so that he can avoid such danger.

The use of mobile phones is also considered to be the cause of cancer, but no scientific evidence is yet available for cancer due to mobile phones. It is still being researched and this indicates that the use of mobile phones can lead to cancer The risk is very low.

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Vaccination to prevent cancer
Apart from this, the FDA has approved two vaccines by the American Food and Drug Administration to prevent specific types of cancers.

In which vaccine against Hepatitis B virus, some of which are considered the cause of liver cancer and human papillomavirus HPV type vaccine is available

According to the NCI, HPV virus is responsible for about 70% of cervical cancers, this virus is the cause of cancer in the head and neck, as well as plays a major role in producing cancer in the anal area. Vaccination against HPV Adolescents and young adults are recommended that the HPV virus is so common that the risk of having it is most common in people aged 50 or over

A new vaccine approved by the FDA to treat prostate cancer by which called Sipuleucel-T is used, although the vaccination protester does not cure cancer, it is shown to help protect persons with prostate cancer.

Cancer prevention measures 
With the history of genetically linked cancer, it is not possible to prevent cancer from developing in others because it is not possible to change their genetic form although some people who have a high potential for genetically related causes are cancerous. Trying to stop development

For example, some young women who are likely to develop breast cancer have chosen to remove their breast tissue to reduce or eliminate the possibility of developing breast cancer, some doctors may stop it from cancer Good idea, while others reject it.

In the early stages of cancer, it is considered to be the best remedy to be detected by testing and screening, to avoid cancer, as this is most likely to be possible with possible treatment for cancer. In such screening studies, breast screening, testicular examination, colon Rectal test, colonoscopy mammography, some blood tests, protests test, urine test and other types of tests. 

Those who suspect that they may have cancer, should quickly discuss this with their doctor so that they can recognize their symptoms and get appropriate treatment when they are cancerous and avoid this unknown danger.

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