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Friday, November 23, 2018

Benefits and side effects of Almonds

Almonds is considered to be the home of postal elements, so everyone likes it. Almond is a kind of foodstuff filled with flavor and quality, which is also called Nuts, Wadpam, Pista Badam. In Ayurveda it is considered to be beneficial for intelligence and nerves. But if you eat more almonds, it can increase obesity too.

Image of Almonds in large amount some are are in white bowl and some are outside bowl

Almonds have 160 calories. These are considered rich in carbohydrates, proteins, fiber, potosium, vitamin-E, B, iron magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, omega-3, so that we can fight against many types of diseases such as diabetes, reduce cholesterol, Heart disease is also very useful for constipation, skin and hair.

Almond should be consumed everyday but in sufficient quantities, otherwise there may be several types of damage. Almonds are available in a variety of markets such as green almonds, whole almonds, groundnut almonds, almond oils etc.

Types Of Almonds
Sweet and Bitter. Sweet almonds or almonds are used for eating almonds and oil is extracted from Bitter almonds, which is used for massage.

How To Eat Almonds
You must have heard almonds from your elderly elders, and you should eat it every day and eat it while eating it after eating it. It is not that we eat soaked almonds and eat it but there is also a logic behind it saying that plain almonds have an enzyme named Tenin which prevents the nutritional elements of almonds. Almost all of the almond tannins is removed by soaking overnight and easily absorbed in the body. There is also no acceptance and the stomach is fine all day. You can also make almond milk from the soaked almonds.

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16 best benefits of Almonds

1. Reduces Weight
As we know almonds are abundant with nutrients, which helps us to lose weight. With a little bit of almonds, our stomach fills us, which prevents us from eating too much. According to a study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people who take 1.5 oz per day improve their weight significantly.

2.Helpful in Healthy Baby Born
If a pregnant woman consumes almonds, it creates a hush-pust of her child, and prevents her from having any disorders or birth defects. So if you are pregnant then you must use almonds for the health of your baby. When a child is born, after 6 months, he should feed 1 almond and rub it in the morning. It is considered to be very helpful in strengthening the bone in the development of the children.

3.Corrects constipation
Eating almonds causes constipation and it also prevents constipation. Colon cancer is likely to be very far away, because it is considered to be full of almond fibers

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4.Make the heart healthy
Almond works to keep your heart healthy. It has been shown in research that people who regularly consumed almonds five days a week, less than 50% of the risk of heart attack than normal people. Vitamin E present in almonds is very beneficial which acts as an antioxidant. It helps to keep the diseases of the heart working better and work better.

5.Improved blood circulation
Potassium content is in high amount in almonds and sodium is also very low in quantity. This makes blood circulation smooth in our body. By keeping blood circulation very smooth, oxygen reaches the right type in each and every part of the body and helps all organisms to work well and normally.

6.Makes bones strong
Calcium is rich in almonds. Calcium is necessary for bones. Therefore, those who reguarly consume almonds reduce the risk of bone diseases i.e. osteoporosis. Along with this, calcium also works to strengthen teeth.

7.Reduce the risk of cancer
The fiber in almonds is very high in volume. Fiber works to maintain our digestive tract. Due to proper digestion, the risk of colon cancer is greatly reduced.

Almond contains many nutrients. It contains proteins, manganese, copper, riboflavin etc. All these nutrients provide a lot of power and energy to the body. By taking milk with almonds in the morning, the body gets full strength.

9.Memory booster
Almond is considered to be very useful for maintaining good memory. Almond intake helps in alleviating Alzheimer's and other cerebral diseases. Eating five almonds in the morning every morning, eating food makes the brain strong.

10.Helpful in diabetes
The elements present in almonds those are beneficial in diabetes help to reduce the level of blood glucose following the meal. This makes the level of blood sugar normal present in the body. Regular consumption of almonds helps our body to fight diabetes.

11.Beneficial in pregnancy
Almond contains folic acid, which protects against labor problems. Folic acid plays an important role in proper development of the fetus. It is believed that women who eat folic acid during pregnancy, their children are relatively healthy.

12.Skin care
Almond oil is the best snack maker. It contains oilyine glacieride acid. Which eliminates the blackheads as well as cleanses the skin from dry skin. It also contains vitamin E, which is considered necessary for healthy skin. It works to bring brightness on the skin. Along with this, almonds are also used for the massage of small children, making them stronger in their bones.

13.Avoid Hair Problems
Almond oil helps to overcome all kinds of hair problems. It stops hair loss, dandruff and uneven white. Along with this, it also works to strengthen the hair with roots. And also makes them shiny and dense.

14.Natural cleanser
Almond is considered as natural cleanser. It works as a cleanser for your face and also enhances its glow. You can use some drops of almond oil to clean your face. Massage this oil upwards. By doing this daily you will get a bright and delicate skin. It gets absorbed quickly in your skin and also does not stop the stomach.

15.Makeup remover
Almond oil is a natural make-up remover. To make makeup from the face, add some drops of almond oil to cotton wool to remove the makeup. Along with this, it is also helpful in removing wrinkles under the eyes.

16.Beneficial for head's skin
Dirt, soil and heat accumulate a lot of dirt on our head's skin. Along with this, products used in grooming hair also harm their health. Almond oil deepens in the hair roots, softens the skin of the head, giving them rich nutrition.

Almond is too small to see but its benefits are very large, almonds will eat from time to time but you are unaware of its quality, so many times people do not want to eat it.

Almonds Side Effects
Have you ever wondered if there is a lot of side effects of almonds, never? What is the harm of almonds coming to. Almond food does not hurt if you eat it in the right amount, but if you eat almonds in excess quantity then there will be harm.

1) Eating almonds can lead to swelling of the stomach. Cucumber fibers are more in it.

2) Almond contains vitamin E. Our body needs Vitamin E in 15 mg a day, if we eat almonds in a lot of quantity then the amount of vitamin E will increase significantly, which can cause stomach inflammation, diarrhea, lack of sight, headache and lethargy. is.

3) Almond is 14 grams of fat in 1 ounce and 163 calories so that if you eat more almonds, then fat will accumulate in your body which will increase your weight.

4) If you are on Magnificent Diet and you are eating almonds, then it may interact with medicine. .

5) If a person has a problem related to gall bladder or kidney, they should not eat almonds.

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